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Winners Set the Rules

The market is in motion. Increasing competitive pressure, limited resources, socio-political uncertainties and complex information and communications technologies (ICT) are making it necessary for many companies to optimize their business parameters. The right mixture of strategy, processes and technologies is the key to success. These three factors have to complement and support one another.

Take advantage of the opportunity to lead your company into the future through its systematic and strategic development. It will be our pleasure to help you on your way and become your partner in success.

Recognizing trends:What's new in management and technology?

Infovision Consultants W. L. L. is sustainability assurance company offering integrated consultancies for management  and technology. The newest management trends critically assessed, technological developments are identified at an every stage,  and solutions developed.

A knowledge advantage which we are happy to pass on to you to be your partner in success.

Your Company has a Future

Through the use of focused strategies, efficient processes and appropriate technologies you can further improve on your market position. What an advantage to have a partner that you can trust, who has solid knowledge in all of these areas. We at Infovision Consultants W. L. L. see ourselves as  strategic company supporting our clients with best practices in management and state-of-the art technologies. In 1995 our company was founded to lead and support developments in MESA region. On the basis of our success, we have expanded and penetrated in various regions and industries.

Our methods are interactive, systematic and customer-centric. From the analysis through concept development and on to implementation we support you throughout a project. Irrespective of which link in your value chain needs attention – with us you and your needs will always be center stage.

You Get More With us

Just as each organization is different, so different are their requirements. But the main objectives remain the same: position and performance should be secured and optimized in the long term. We can help you to structure the development of your business. As Infovision Consultants W. L. L. specialize in those areas where a particular impact can be provided by our integrated management and technology knowledge and proven expertise.

Each Industry has its own Rules

Only those who master these rules will win the game. As we have been working intensively with companies and organizations in a variety of industries for many years now, we can support you in your competitive environment too. We concentrate on those market segments in which our knowledge has been tried and tested in real projects. From analysis through to implementation our products and services are characterized by strong management and ICT know-how. Further industry-specific information is available at www.iconme.com | www.realconsultglobal.com | www.realproerp.com | www.realtechglobal.com

We are close to you in Qatar

International presence helps guarantee international success. In order to accompany you in the environment of increasingly supranational relationships, and to keep in line with the dynamic growth of various markets, we have set up a number of subsidiaries, investments and joint ventures throughout the world and also expanding organically. We are thus able to support you in all your activities, wherever they are.

Locally we set up permanent offices and franchises. Our international affiliates and numerous project offices mean that we are present on nearly in all continents. In addition to this we have a worldwide network of partner organizations and franchises.

Infovision Consultants W. L. L. (Qatar) is part of our ongoing regional expansion in Middle East and proves our commitment for investing in  Sustainable Economy in the State of Qatar.

Infovision Consultants is comprised of an experienced, skilled and a highly motivated team of professional consultants. Company is firmly committed to quality, excellence, superior business performance and continuous improvement. We deliver outstanding service and value to our clients through creative, innovative and intelligent hands-on consulting & engineering services for international firms in various industries at an affordable price. We believe that our growth being directly dependent on our client’s growth and success. In fact, Infovision is “YOUR PARTNER IN SUCCESS”.

Vision @ Infovision Consultants W.L.L.

Infovision Consultants W. L. L. is a team of world class professionals and leaders committed to provide outstanding services and values. With honesty, dignity, fairness and respect, we will conduct our business with the highest ethical standards and prove to be a good corporate citizen in our communities. For our customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders, we will try to be the best choice by determination, constant improvement, optimization, creativity, and embracing change.

Values @ Infovision Consultants W. L. L.


We demand world class performance and character from each team member. We hire, train, coach, and make any necessary decision to insure the highest levels of competency in all areas of our organization.


We are always honest and tell the truth. Our word is our bond and we always honor our commitments. We are consistent and fair with everyone. We always deliver solutions in time.

Team Player:

We follow philosophy of “WE” not “I”. We foster collective wisdom and commitment of employees to create corporate and team culture and values.

Open Communication:

We insist upon open and honest communication. We must tell others anything that we feel will help make our team stronger.

Constant Improvement:

Our philosophy says that our today should be better than yesterday and our tomorrow should be brighter than today. We relentlessly evaluate our products, services, systems, and ourselves, and we constantly improve our organization in each of these areas. We will exceed customer expectations through continuous improvement.

Positive and Integrative:

Every team member must infuse our team with positive energy. We want to create a culture of self-starters and positive thinkers who can take initiatives and can work without supervision.


We distinguish ourselves by treating every team member, customer, supplier, and even competitor with kindness and respect. We treat those with whom we have dealings as we, ourselves, would expect to be treated.


We make the impossible…possible, by continuing to move ahead, never giving in, never stopping. We believe in ourselves and our ability to accomplish any outcome we set our minds to. We are committed!


We love what we do and the impact we have on the world! We enjoy each step of our remarkable journey.


We believe in taking charge and being responsible and answerable for whatsoever is assigned to us. We don’t allow excuses .

Creativity and Ambitions:

Through creativity and challenging nature we find innovative and smart ways to achieve our ambitions, this make us a step ahead of competition.

Constant Development:

We are distinguished to develop our employees by providing those ample opportunities to develop their professional and personal skills and abilities. Training, coaching, and development are three most commonly used buzz words of ICON.

Best 100% in our field:

On scale of 100 % we want our employees to be marked 110% in their field of excellence in their jobs. For this we provides such resources and environment to nurture their intellectual abilities and let them excel in their respective specialty fields or areas

Strategic Business Units @ Infovision Consultants W.L.L.

REALCONSULT is strategic business unit of Infovision Consultants W. L. L. and for over a decade it has steadily built a large base of goodwill and relationships in a diverse set of markets segments. We have finished many mega projects in Saudi Arabia & other Gulf countries with 100% success rate in helping customers for ISO series of certifications for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000, BRC, ISO 17025, ISO 20000, BS 7799 / ISO 27000, TL 9000, ISO 13485, ISO 10002, BS 25999, SA 8000, Integrated Quality, Environment, Health & Safety - QEHS, Integrated Management System - IMS, Balanced Scorecard, EFQM, KAQA, DQA,ITIL,eTOM, TQM, ERP, CE Mark,Business Process Re-engineering and more…

REALPRO is Infovision SBU for enterprise resource planning (ERP) operating from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and comprehensively covers the automation requirements for sustainability in organizational systems including finance, accounts, procurements, human resources and payroll management, document management, property and leasing management, facilities management, business intelligence, MIS, and customer relationship management developed on Oracle and Microsoft technologies. Learn more about our strategic business unit www.realproerp.com .

REALTECH is Infovision SBU for ICT and Security Solutions offering quality web, database & programming solutions and services that specifically address the need of private and public sector organizations and businesses. Our expertise of ITIL, eTOM, ISMS, ITSM, CMMI, COBIT, all add value to our clients as we create applications and solutions meeting global best ICT practices and ensures continuity, sustainability and best return on ICT investment.

Our expert team have helped a large number of organisations accomplish their sustainability goals through international management systems standards and best practices. Some of our clients include World’s Largest Petrochemical Plant PetroRabigh (Rabigh Refining and Petrochemicals Co.), Huawei Tech. Investment Co. Ltd (KSA) World biggest telecom solutions provider, Al Kifah Group – KSA (Al Kifah Pre-cast), Saudi Ceramics, Saudi Paper Manufacturing Company (one of key manufacturer of tissue papers in Middle East), Al Obaid Plastic Manufacturing (Al Obaid Group), Al Azwaq for Food Company Limited, Al Husaiki Garments Manufacturing Co., Kingdom Center, Faisaliah Mall and Tower, Khalediya Towers,  GOSI Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority, Al Kifah Printing Press (Al Kifah Group), Integrated Design Co. Ltd, Riyadh Saudi Technical Systems, Ali Tamimi Sons Co, Venture Capital Bank, Bahrain Islamic Bank,  AL Hoty Analytical Services, Technical United, Zee Laboratories, Sabre Construction, SABIC, National construction group, Doha, Steel Co., Doha, Q-NAP, Doha, ITAG– Qatar, Fine Foods -Qatar,  Qatar Tech. Engineering, Metal Arabia-Qatar,  International Laboratory, A.Karim Al Jahromi Civil Engg. Co, BMMI, Indian School, Gulf Agency Company, Ramsis Engineering, Syed Junaid Alam Perfumes, Bahrain Petroleum (BAPCO), Fasialiah Medical Systems (Al Faisaliah Group), Al Madar Paper Trading Co.(UAE), Ministry of Works - Bahrain, Ministry of Industry and Commerce – Bahrain, and many more. The experience gained from working with these large organisations ensures that our clients have access to groundbreaking developments in the area of sustainability and business improvement.


Latest News

ISO/IEC 17025 Internal Auditor and Measurement of ...
Saturday, 23 April 2011


Doha Training Centre & Infovision

Cordially invites you to participate in our two day training program
Training Commences: 23rd & 24th of May 2011

Lulu Store Maintenance equipment W.L.L’s ISO 900...
Saturday, 29 January 2011

InfoVision Consultant W.L.L (ICON) conducted Quality Management System Awareness Training program for Lulu Stores Maintenance W. L. L. leading to ISO 9001 certification.


Professional training program held for RealPro sal...
Tuesday, 04 January 2011

InfoVision Consultants W.L.L. (ICON) announced the completion of professional training program for RealPro - Real Estate Software sales and marketing team.


The program was attended by product managers, channel executives, and sales consultants from ICON - Enterprise Solution Group... Read more...

EniRepSa Gas Limited chooses ICON's ERP solutions ...
Sunday, 02 January 2011

InfoVision Consultants W.L.L. ('ICON') announced the signing of major contract with EniRepSa Gas Limited in Al Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for implementing MaxPro ERP software for human capital management... Read more...

InfoVision Consultants W.L.L. expands resellers ne...
Sunday, 02 January 2011

InfoVision Consultants W. L. L. (ICON) appointed m/s Media Pro Technology as its Reseller Partner for promoting RealPro and MaxPro.


InfoVision Consultants W.L.L. and GISBA sign MoU t...
Thursday, 30 December 2010

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between InfoVision Consultants W. L. L. (ICON) and GISBA (Standards Expert) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Bahraini and Saudi companies join hands to promote...
Thursday, 30 December 2010

Strategic Partnering Agreement (SPA) was signed between Infovision Consultants W. L. L. (Icon) and Science and Knowledge Consultancy and Training Company (SKCTC) in Bahrain to promote training services throughout... Read more...

Smart Cities and Technology Zones will be up and r...
Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The Smart Cities and the Technology Zones in the Kingdom would be up and running within the next 36 months.


Batterjee Group reinforces commitment to quality
Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Foundation course training program for ISO 9001:2008 took place in A.M. Batterjee Group in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


InfoVision Consultant announces ISO /IEC 17025 fou...
Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Foundation course for ISO 17025:2005 is being announced at a local hotel in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.


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